I will set your lyrics to music three verses and a chorus

set your lyrics to music three verses and a chorus

About This Gig

For five dollars, I will set any lyrics you have to music up to 3 verses and a chorus. I will do this and deliver the audio to you within 10 days max or return your money.  (Hopefully within 3 days if possible.) Will submit audio file to you, in MIDI form.        
 I will need English words submitted to me before starting, and payment as per standards of Fiverr, prior to delivering work to you, if they permit.       Due to the artistic interpretation of beauty, no refunds will be given. You will be given a quality tune however, as it is my pride and joy to satisfy you. If you desire a more elaborate effort, you may make arrangements with me, or you may submit your lyrics for an additional $5.00 fee as may times as you like for a different interpretation.  If I cannot come up with what I find to be  good music for your lyrics, I will refund your money---and I have high standards.
You may request any style of music: classical, country, gospel, jazz, blues,  pop, boogie woogie, rock, soul, etc. 
If you purchase 3 tunes, I will give you a fourth one free, or if you refer three new customers to me that successfully purchase my service, I will give you one free .
Terms may change in future.

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10 days delivery