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  Delivery in either a .ai or a .eps and a .JPG file formats Delivery in either a .ai or a .eps, a .PNG transparent and a .jpg file formats Delivery in either a .ai or a .eps, a layered .PSD, a .png transparent and a .jpg file formats
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Seller will change or add the color of your image based on your specifications
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Seller will include a high resolution raster file (e.g., .jpg, .png, or .tif)
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Your image will be converted to an Adobe Illustrator vector file (.AI)
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About This Gig

My name is Nathan. I will vector trace your low resolution or raster logo, icon, hand drawing or others by redrawing and convert it into a Clean Vector file format (.ai file format) using Adobe Illustrator (Ai) for the best quality results as a Digital Print Ready Materials with The Live Portfolio TURNED OFF.

About confidentiality:
• This gig will automatically hide your artwork for your confidential.
• If you want your artwork showcased in my Live Portfolio, please place your order in my any other Vector Tracing raster graphics gigs in OTHER GIGS BY COCONATZ below.

Please note:
Only $5 per item vector traced in .ai or .eps and Hi-Res .jpg files.
• Only redrawing or vector tracing, not designing a new one.
• The gig will be PAUSED automatically upon exceeding limit orders or OVERBOOKED.

Please contact me first and
describe your request including attachments before placing your order.

Thank you for visiting my gigs... :-)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Vectorize or Vector trace?
    Vectorize ( Vector trace ) is to redraw & convert raster file format (resolution dependent format: .jpg, .png, .psd, .bmp, .tga, etc.) into vector file format (resolution free format: .ai, .eps, .pdf, .svg, .cdr, etc.) to make it ready to print to any size without Jagged or Blurred.
  • What are Raster Images or Raster Graphics?
    Raster images are made up of a set grid of dots called pixels where each pixel is assigned a color value. Unlike a vector image, raster images are resolution dependent.
  • What are Vector Images or Vector Graphics?
    Vector images are made up of basic geometric shapes such as points, lines and curves. The relationship of the shapes is expressed as a mathematical equation which allows the image to scale up or down in size without losing quality.
  • What is Image Resolution?
    The resolution is the image quality of a printer or monitor. With monitors, the resolution is measured by the number of pixels horizontal by pixels vertically as shown in the picture of 800x600 pixels. Printers also have a measure of resolution called DPI (dots per inch).
  • What is Low-Res or Hi-Res Image?
    Resolution - measured in pixels per inch (ppi) or dots per inch (dpi) - is the term used to represent this density. 2 common resolutions are 72 ppi and 300 ppi. 72 dpi is considered “low-res” and 300 dpi is considered the minimum for “high-res.”