I will mail you 3 fresh, young coconuts

mail you 3 fresh, young coconuts

About This Gig

Coconuts are a super food if consumed when they are young (green, not brown).  Most people are only familiar with the coconuts that are brown, which are mature and have hard coconut meat inside.  When coconuts are young, the meat inside is so soft you can eat it with a spoon. The coconut water is slightly sweet and delicious!

The coconut water sold in grocery stores is inferior in taste compared to a coconut fresh from the tree.   This is an opportunity to eat and drink fresh  coconut!

Where I live in the tropics, coconuts are as common as pine cones.  I will cut down 3 fresh coconuts and mail them to you.

Believe it or not, coconuts can be sent via US Mail as they are, no packaging is required! 

They are fun to receive in the mail and make a great gift!

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5 days delivery