I will professionally master your music for $5

/ 9 Days On Average
professionally master your music
professionally master your music

About This Gig

Mastering is a critical, final step in the recording and mixing process. Mastering can bring out the best in your mixes by balancing out frequencies, helping your mixes translate well on all listening environments, enhancing the overall energy of a track, bringing continuity to all the tracks on an album or EP, and also bringing up the loudness to commercially acceptable levels.

When I master your mixes, I go through a series of steps to ensure they sound their absolute best. My mastering workflow looks a lot like this:
  • Custom EQ for a better balance ($5)

  • Multiband compression to even out bass response and sibilance in the top end ($5)

  • Stereo widening for better separation and clarity ($5)

  • Limiting and loudness maximization for commercially acceptable, but still musical tracks ($5)

  • Proper spacing and fading of tracks on an album or EP ($5 / per song)

What Mastering CAN’T Do

Just so we’re clear. Mastering can’t make a bad mix sound great. It just can’t. If the mix is bad, so will the master be.  Mastering can help make just about any mix sound the best that it possibly can.


Thank you!