I will professionally edit, mix and master your song

professionally edit, mix and master your song
professionally edit, mix and master your song

About This Gig

For $150, I will professionally edit, mix AND master your song!

Editing is a crucial part of the recording and mixing process.  Whether it’s timing issues or mouth noises in between phrases, you hear lots of distractions and it takes away from the polish and the energy of the song.  I believe whole heartedly that a good mix stands on the shoulders of a great edit.

Every song is different. So every mix is different. When I mix your tracks I will approach them fresh, giving each musical element the treatment it deserves.

What Your Mix Will Get

  • Proper gain staging for maximum headroom and clarity
  • Strategic EQ to help every track sit nicely in the mix
  • Tasteful compression to create energy and balance
  • Creative touches of reverb, delay, and other effects to enhance musicality

Mastering is a critical step in the recording and mixing process. Mastering can bring out the best in your mixes by balancing out frequencies, helping your mixes translate well on all listening environments, enhancing the overall energy of a track, bringing continuity to all the tracks on an album or EP, and also bringing up the loudness to commercially acceptable levels.

Please contact me before ordering any gigs!

Thank you!

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Professionally Edit, Mix & Master

I will professionally edit, mix and master 1 song

7 days delivery 2 Revisions