I will do web scraping for you

do web scraping for you

About This Gig

Today everything is going towards Big Data. From your emails to your web-clicks all data are being collected and used for analysis and predicting your moves. This gig provides you with a glimpse of Big Data, the part where you collect the data for analysis.
Today the content being generated on web blogs and other websites are crucial in determining the overall value of the topic (be it a brand or celebrity) and for how long it will continue.

So feel free to buy my gig for your web-scrapping and Big Data purposes.

1.Kindly inform me before purchasing my gig such that there are no issues with both the parties.
2.Sites which are legally protected from scrapping will not be scrapped.(Sorry!)

Order Details

3 days delivery

The Gig

The basic of all web-scraping gig. 1 page/$5

  • 1 Source Mined/Scraped
  • 1 Page Mined/Scraped