I will create a professional iOS or Android app for your organization

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create a professional iOS or Android app for your organization
create a professional iOS or Android app for your organization

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Description Single Dual Pro
  iOS or Android app. The app includes all of our standard app features, and publishing to App Store. iOS and Android app. Includes all of our standard app features, and publishing to the App Stores. iOS & Android app with our standard features, real-time chat, individual notifications, & publishing
Include Source Code
Include source code with the delivery.
Delivery Time 2 days 2 days 2 days
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About This Gig

Please contact me to discuss your app before placing an order. 

Get a professionally designed iOS or Android app for your organization, website, event, etc. In addition to displaying your products/services, location and contact information, all of the standard features below are available to you at no additional cost! 

Also, I provide the source code, and publishing of your app to the App Stores for no extra charge.

Android App = $70
iOS App = $70
Both = $120

* About Us 
* Email / Call Us
* Member Login
* Custom Applications/Forms
* Custom Background Image
* Custom Button Icons
* Custom Menu Layout
* Custom App Pages
* Feedback Form 
* Location/Google Map
* Fan Page
* Website Link
* Appointments
* Catalog 
* Coupons
* Directory
* Loyalty Cards
* Menus
* Password Protected
* Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, Etc Link
* WordPress Integration
* YouTube Videos
* Audio (Radio, Music, iTunes, Etc)
* Photos
* RSS Feed
* Source Code To Apps
* Push Notifications - Unlimited For 60 Days
* Support - 60 Days

Real Time Chat = $180 (+App Cost)
Individual Push Notifications = $60 (+App Cost)
In-Box Messages = $60 (+App Cost)
Logic Surveys = $100 (+App Cost)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you compile/create the Android apk file for me?
    Yes, I will forward you the apk file for your Android app (no additional cost).
  • Do you provide me with the source code of my apps?
    Yes. I will forward you the source code for your app(s) upon completion of your order (no additional cost).
  • Can I have restrictions on my app so that people will need to login to use it?
    Yes. You can lock down your entire app or only certain sections of your app. The users of your app would have to register and login to access the app (or the sections that you select).
  • Can my app be linked/integrated with my website?
    Yes. If you have a WordPress website, I can integrate your posts into your app. Likewise, if your site has an RSS feed I can link the feed to your app. I can also, link to your website from within the app.
  • Do you upload the app to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for me under my developer account?
    Yes. The cost to publish your app is included with the base fee.
  • Do you provide support after my app is completed?
    I provide 60 days of free support. The support also includes Push Notifications. However, this does not include a redesign of your app or a new app. For continued support after your free 60 days I only charge $9.99 per month.
  • What exactly is your Real-Time Chat option?
    I'll add a Chat feature to your app. The feature will allow you to create public chatrooms, and you can let your users create their own private chatrooms so that they can chat with each other. Your users will be able to add friends for chatting, block/unblock users, and more!
  • How is your Individual Push Notifications different from your regular Push Notifications?
    With our Push Notifications feature, you can send Push Notifications to all of your users, or to only all of your users on Android, or only iOS users. You can also schedule Notifications. However, with our Individual Push Notifications feature, you can also send a Notification to a specific user.
  • What is your In-Box Messages feature?
    With our In-Box Messages feature, you can send private messages with specific content to individual users. They receive your direct messages in their app inbox, & they can answer to it. You can add videos, images, and attachments to your messages. This is useful for appointments, reservations, etc.
  • How is your Logic Surveys different from your regular Surveys?
    With our Logic Surveys feature, your users can get specific questions based on a selection that they make. For example, if they select answer A to a question, then on the next question, they will only be presented with Choices 3 and 4 (but not 1 and 2). You can also download your data.