I will do WordPress Development and Customization for $5

/ / 20 Days On Average
do WordPress Development and  Customization
do WordPress Development and  Customization

About This Gig

Do you need a WordPress consultant who understands WordPress thoroughly and who can help you build your website, and fix the issues right away?.. then I have a amazing gig for you. I am offering you my 30 mins to review your WordPress site and to fix any issues that is nagging you and keeping your users away from our website. I can also help you build a complete website from scratch using WordPress.

The rates are low but that does not mean the work quality is low. I believe in delivering high quality work to my clients and make them happy. Interested? Send me your complete requirements telling what problem you have on your site or what you want to change or what want to build and I will get back to you within 24 hours with my questions & if possible costs. See you in there!!