I will shill bid on your eBay listing

shill bid on your eBay listing

About This Gig

Have you ever listed auction listing on eBay and the bidding cost is not high as your expect?
Do you want to cancel the listing but don't want to loose your buyer trust and lose good seller score?
Do you want a good feedback from high price auction listing?

We can help you with our service! With this gig, we will go to your eBay listing and shill bid on it with the specific bid amount you want. So with our service you will
  • Raise your auction price to the amount you want, avoid loss profit.
  • Buyer who follow the listing will not lose their trust on your eBay store and you will not lose good seller score from eBay.
  • If you require us to shill bid until we won the auction, we will leave good feedback for you too.

IMPORTANT >> WE USE ONE TIME EBAY ACCOUNT!! We will not repeatedly use the same eBay account to shill bid on our customer. Only one eBay account for each customer.
Unlike other service you found on Fiverr which repeatedly use the same account and your eBay account will be in high risk!!

Order Details

3 days delivery
Gig Paused

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is your eBay account registered country?
    We have lot of eBay USA accounts to serve you and we usually import brand new USA account to our stock.
  • How many listing you can shill bid per Gig?
    3 listings per gig within 5 days. For example ; You purchase gig on 1st-Sep and tell us to shill bid on your 2 listing, we will do it for you. Then You request us to shill bid on your other listing again on 7th-Sep, we will not do it.
  • Are you sure it is safe and my eBay account won't got suspended?
    Absolutely safe to do this service if it was operate by us.