About This Gig

I will record a voice over in the famous radio style for just $5. I will do 30 seconds (if you need more, please buy additional gigs). I have a professional recording chain and you will not be disappointed with the final result, I promise. I will record this in the highest 24-bit/192KHz quality with a Neumann microphone and a Great River preamp and ICON D-Control ES. For an extra $10 I will add noise reduction, dynamic enhancement (compression/limiting) and EQ. I have a rather large arsenal of outboard gear, as well as some of the highest quality audio plugins available. Finally I will limit and bring the levels up to the audio standard and dither down to a stereo, 16-bit .wav file (CD quality). I also have a number of high quality effects available if you would like that as well, such as reverb, delay, and whatnot. This gig is perfect for everything needing a very high quality voice over!