I will add instruments, instrumentals to your song track

Great Communication and on time delivery. Even when my requirements were not clear at the beginning, he/she took time to understand and delivered exactly what I require.
Reviewed by krishnasri 4 months ago
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add instruments, instrumentals to your song track

About This Gig

Within 24 hours, I will make an instrumental track for your song or track. Just send me the vocals and let me know about the tempo (bpm). Tempo must be consistent. Tempo info is mandatory.

Why do I need a consistent tempo?
Without any beats in the background, many singers would normally slightly shift from singing slowly to singing faster in the same session. The artists may also more frequently shift from the default key to unintended keys accidentally, because there's no instrumental guide. All these contribute to music composer's difficulty to follow the vocals during instrumental composition.
Tempo analyzer software won't solve this; please record with a specific tempo.

1. Record your vocals with a metronome (most DAW programs have this feature!).
2. After ordering the gig, you will be asked to send me the song and tell me about its tempo, and also choose the file format in which I will send you the instrumental track (WAV, MP3 or both).

If you don't know the tempo of your song, unfortunately I'm unable to make an instrumental for the song.

Please send me a message if you have questions or inquiries.