I will find keywords for your YouTube video

find keywords for your YouTube video
find keywords for your YouTube video

About This Gig

Everyone wants their videos ranking at the top of YouTube.

My name is Colin MacInnis. I'm a digital marketer and entrepreneur in the tech sector. When I started my first tech company, Phased, I realized how little I actually knew about digital marketing. I had studied marketing in university but it didn't prepare me for the realities of starting a business.

When Phased failed, I felt sad. I went over each decision again and again. I realized my skills weren't as sharp as they needed to be. I decided I should make a serious effort to dig deeper. I disappeared for 5 months to explore YouTube. Now, I'm able to get my videos ranking in the top 10 results (top 20 for gaming videos) and am generating roughly 700 views per month entirely organically and with only a handful of subscribers.

Now... I can't promise you fame and glory, but I can promise you a solid organic keyword effort. If you'd like to talk about the keywords I've chosen I'd be happy to setup a time to discuss things further.


Colin MacInnis 

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I'll scrape search engines for terms you should use to optimized your YouTube video.

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