I will send you Healing Qi Gong energy from a distance

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send you Healing Qi Gong energy from a distance
send you Healing Qi Gong energy from a distance
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About This Gig

I am a Certified Master Healer and QiGong Instructor by Master Chunyi LIn author of "Born A Healer". I will include you in my special healing meditations for one day and include you in our Special Healing Room, where SFQ Qigong healers send daily Loving Healing Qi or "Chi" to you.

You are your best healer. We assist you.

What is Qigong Healing?

Qi or Chi is simply all there is = Engerchi ! While energy cannot be created nor destroyed it can be transmuted.

Everything is energy: 

  • A Start, a rock, a thought, a tree, a tumor, a bone spur, or an emotion and can be transmuted. 
  • Plants do this all the time: converting Sunlight and water into leaves and wood.
  • We do this all the time too: converting food, water, air into bone & muscle.

By opening our hearts we change our world through unleashing our Higher Vibration Love energy to heal our body, minds, emotions, spirit and those of our friends.

We were "All Born A Healer" as Master  Lin book title says then demonstrates with in its pages.

The Instructors here are certified by Master Lin to teach Spring Forest Qigong - certified SFQ Master Healers sharing healing Qi with the you.

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