I will provide consultation if you have accounts in collections

provide consultation if you have accounts in collections

About This Gig

I have worked in the collections industry for over 10 years. If you have accounts in collections, I can help you better and cheaper than a credit counselor. I will clearly explain your rights, and I will tell you what leverage your creditors have (or more importantly, don't have). Some accounts are not even worth paying, no matter how high the balance is depending on which stage they are at with respect to the statue of limitations, which varies by province for creditors to take legal action and/or itemize an account on your credit bureau. I will teach you how to avoid repaying unfairly high debt loads with no repercussions where ever possible. I will also provide you with a properly written "cease and desist" notice that you can send to collection agencies, which forces them to stop calling by law - I'll even provide the legislation in the letter just to make sure... Just copy and paste the text I provide, sign it and mail/fax/email it to them... ***Does not apply to student loans and money owed to the CRA.

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3 days delivery