I will audio broadcast Advertising Mention to millions for 1 year

You did a nice job Thank you!
Reviewed by gomusictv about 1 month ago
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Sounds great! Thanks for airing my commercial.
Reviewed by piratesweep 2 months ago
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Thanks for airing my short story commercial. Most of all thank you for offering your gig on Fiverr, which really helps Indie Author promote their stories.
Reviewed by piratesweep 3 months ago
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Thanks!!! I'd bake you a cake, but I'm not that good yet. :)
Reviewed by relishxpression over 1 year ago
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Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by shaunkolich almost 2 years ago
audio broadcast Advertising Mention  to millions for 1 year

About This Gig

Best deal on the marketplace for 5 dollars and Numbers that do not lie. Guaranteed promotion and name branding for your hard earned dollar. 

{You must purchase the gig and gig extra in order to get the full year, if not you will get 1 month.}

Advertise and promote your Business, Website, Book, Product, Organization, Song, and more on our Popular and Growing Radio Program to millions  of Listeners!

*We work with Iheart Radio
*20+ AM/Fm Stations
*50+ Stations in 1 Network
*Simulcast TV Program with Radio

Above sample of our stats 
*10,000 podcast downloads

This gig is for our online stream partners, since 1993 we have been helping bands, brands and authors along with multi level marketing groups get their message out and in front of millions.

1. Banner ad on our site {with link to your product}
2. 30-60 Second Message{We can design the spot or you can provide}
3. Social media promotion through our network for 1 month

* If you get the gig extra you get 1 year of the above
1. Banner placement on our site for 1 year
2. Social media {3 times minimum per week or 5 days in a row depending on order schedule}
3. Advertising for 30-60 seconds for 1 year.