I will draw a comic joke JUST for u to make your day

Very cute drawings, will order again!
Reviewed by brianzitnak 4 months ago
Very cute! Made me laugh!
Reviewed by kmcdivitt about 1 year ago
awesome! cheered me up. great idea and so quick too. for sure recommended.
Reviewed by uncle_vesper over 2 years ago
I needed some illustrations for a book. Adéle read only one chapter and was able to tune in to what I wanted. All the panels I got were wonderful, excellent! And so funny :) Her drawings are very unique and extremely adorable. I am extremely pleased and satisfied with the whole process!
Reviewed by julige over 2 years ago
draw a comic joke JUST for u to make your day
draw a comic joke JUST for u to make your day

About This Gig

Hi, I am Adele and I love drawing. I thought it would be a great idea to just draw for people. My drawings make people laugh and I thought hey ...lets draw for people to make them laugh while they are working or just having a bad day. So what I am offering is: I will draw a comic joke just for u to make your day :) it will be your personal comic joke. 

You can of course participate - I can make the whole joke for U or just tell me if you want me to make joke about U, your collegue, your mum or just about an animal you like - you want to have it situated in winter? sure! beach? no problem :) you can have whatever you want and I will draw it for u :)