I will do every aspect of your bookkeeping and reporting, remotely

do every aspect of your bookkeeping and reporting, remotely

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Description Virtual Bookkeeper Virtual Controller Virtual CFO
  Includes record keeping, bank reconciliations & document management Includes Virtual Bookkeeper plus bill payments, client invoicing & payroll Includes Virtual Controller plus business forecasting, budgeting and acquisition analysis
Formatting & Clean Up
Seller will format documents to look clean and professional.
Phone Calls
The virtual assistant will make calls on your behalf. These calls can be business, sales or administrative in nature. Please note that the seller will need to include the cost of calls as part of the rate.
Organize, Classify or Tag Your Files
Get help arranging, tagging & cataloging your files.
Delivery time 14 days 14 days 14 days

About This Gig

As a virtual/outsourced bookkeeper, we help your firm save thousands of dollars by performing all of the necessary administrative and clerical functions that comes with managing a company's bookkeeping, without the costly hires.  We work with freelancers just getting started through established organizations looking to add efficiencies to drive growth.  We offer advanced financial analysis, budgeting and forecasting to those looking to plan out their business' future, as well as the most basic of clerical tasks such as logging all revenues and expenses for the thinly stretched entrepreneur whose time can be better spent managing and growing their business, rather than worrying about the IRS and how to use Quickbooks.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who pays for all the software that will be used?
    The cost of all software is included in the monthly fee.
  • How often will my company's books be closed?
    All books will officially be closed by no later than the 7th business date of the following month. (i.e. your January books will be closed by the 7th business day of February)
  • Will you have access to move money from my accounts?
    NEVER. We will never require (nor will we ever ask for) the ability to transfer funds from your accounts. We will require "Read Only" access to all bank and credit card accounts associated with the business to successfully reconcile all numbers on a monthly basis.
  • Will I have access to my books?
    Yes. Since we operate and a fully autonomous and virtual landscape, all of the programs we utilize are cloud based. All you need is an internet connection and you will have full access anywhere in the world to review your books!
  • Will you assist with my taxes?
    Unfortunately we do not engage clients for tax work, though we will work directly with your accountants to provide all of the support information we create throughout the year. Your partners are our partners, and we encourage open communication between all members of your team!
  • How much work will need to be done by me?
    After we fully implement a streamlined process (typically 1-3 months), the only responsibility that remains with our clients is the need to furnish us with all of the relevant information, that's it! You just send us the bills, invoices, documents, etc.....and we do the rest!
  • Are your systems secure?
    Yes. Because we work with many clients that are required to be registered with various government entities, we are required to only utilize systems with the highest level of security and encryption. We will work to make sure you are fully trained in how to use all required platforms!