About This Gig

I am capable of an incredibly, and sometimes disturbingly accurate Gollum impression! I have it down completely, even to the cadence of his switching between dual personalities (Gollum and Smeagol) and can improv well on the fly. I am taking this beyond the loads of fun I have had freaking people out in dark places, ad-libbing over the movies themselves and helping friends play jokes on others - So here I am! You will provide me with a script, made up of approximately one minute of dialogue, of which I will record using a regular voice recording program, and give you the unedited file. I will provide five takes, and will perform no editing or revisions of my own. If I have a sudden stroke of talent (I am a writer by trade) I will provide a sixth take, with my own improvisations and character-input. TLDR: Gollum impression, one minute long, you write it up for me, I send you back five takes unedited, maybe a sixth one where I deviate from the script. Disclaimer: I am not willing to participate in the issuing of threats direct or indirect on anyone's person or interests. I will refuse any business that can be used or misconstrued for abusive purposes.

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