I will change the tempo or BPM of an audio file

change the tempo or BPM of an audio file

About This Gig

With this Gig I will change the tempo or BPM (Beats Per Minute) of an audio file without changing the pitch.

I use state of the art software so there will be no artifacts if the target BPM is near the source BPM.

Here you have some case scenarios:

1.- You want to learn a guitar solo but you can't because it's too fast. I can slow the audio down by 50% and you will hear every note in detail! In these extreme cases (50% BPM change) there will be some quality loss but it doesn't matter because this is only for studying the guitar solo.

2.- You have a song with BPM = 118 but you need it to be 120 or 116. I can do that with no quality loss or artifacts.

IMPORTANT: Please send me the audio file and slow down/up percentage or target BPM for an evaluation before placing the order.

This Gig is for songs with a constant BPM. If your song contains BPM changes, I can make the song go faster or slower by a certain percentage.

In some special cases I can convert a song with various BPM changes to a constant BPM, but I will need to check it out first. In case it is possible, you will get a custom offer.