I will align your music to tempo and metronome

align your music to tempo and metronome

About This Gig

IMPORTANT: For this Gig you will need a multitrack Audio/MIDI sequencing software.

This Gig is made for all of you who love transcribing or sequencing music for yourselves but would like to have the basics (tempo, meter and markers) already sorted out.

Unless a song is recorded with a click track or drum machine, all live music and even many studio recordings do not keep the same tempo throughout the song and, even when recorded with a click, tempo may vary on purpose. Songs can also have meter changes (a 4/4 measure, then 5/4, etc.).

Based on the audio you provide, I will deliver a MIDI File containing all markers, tempo and meter changes of any song (any genre, including classical) of up to 4 minutes.

After receiving the MIDI File, open it and import the audio I will send you (modified to be in sync with the tempo). After that, you can turn on the metronome and hear the song following the metronome!

For an extra charge, I can record a click track for the song and send it to you as a separate audio file (see Extras).

Need to change the tempo (BPM) of the song? I can do it! Please check out my other Gig: "I will change the tempo or BPM of an audio file"