I will do basic video editing

do basic video editing
do basic video editing
do basic video editing

About This Gig

I will provide basic video editing for you.

To keep it real, if you're looking for Hollywood movie or MTV style  quality, then this gig is not for you.

If, however, you are looking for some basic editing such as cutting out footage, adding different footage together, adding titles and words etc, then I'm the man for the job. I can apply transition animation between scenes or joined video, but no real super Hollywood special effects.

A typical example would be for people who record using camcorder or their cellphones, and film in one go,but then need parts of the video cut out and some name/identifiers applied.

So PLEASE, before you order, send me a note telling me exactly what type of video editing you want done,and I'll let you know.

This basic gig will allow editing up to 12min in length of video. You can have different videos that you want joined together but total length my not exceed 12min. In gig extras I offer longer video editing as well as burning to CD/DVD and mailing it to you