I will create your personal esoteric analysis chart

create your personal esoteric analysis chart

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  Only general data about the zodiac you belong to with minimal personal info about you Some information about your personal relationship to the zodiac you belong to & how it can help you Complete details about spiritual, phisical, mental abilities that pertain to you personally
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About This Gig

I will create YOUR personal esoteric analysis chart, only from your BIRTHDAY (and hour, if it's known). The analysis contains information about yourself that not even you may be aware of.

While for some people this is mostly just for fun, the implications of knowing more about your own self can be tremendous, and a chart like this can help you understand your own self better, or you can order the chart for a loved one, and it will help you understand your partner, spouse, child, or anyone else, a lot better.

The analysis is based on several oriental arts, chinese horoscope, date analysis, and some personal experience of mine with esotheric sciences, in the last 3 decades.