I will help you in dating and finding a partner

help you in dating and finding a partner

About This Gig

I have studied human dynamics and dating skills in many different countries for more than 12 years, and have taught a large number of students in this area by running workshops about dating advice and techniques as well as doing one-on-one coaching in this area.I will teach you some useful skills and strategies regarding how to find the partner/get the partner/keep the partner.  I can also teach you how to dump your toxic partner.  The process works like this: 1). After you have ordered my gig, you will send me your question/situation & if you like, you can also show me your Facebook profile so that I can understand your lifestyle which gives me a better understanding of your situation; 2) Based on your situation, I will send an action plan to you (a word document full of strategies and techniques that you can keep and refer to any time in the future).

Each gig answers one question.  If you'd like me to answer more than one question, please order more gigs.

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