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In 1497 Vasco de Gama lost approximately 63% of his crew during an expedition to a cause that took more sailors than warfare. In 1601 an English captain James Lancaster conducted an experiment during an expedition with four ships under his command, one of which received a simple remedy and the others went along business as usual. Halfway through their journey he had lost nearly 40% of his total crew and had to supplement the other ships with men from the experimental group. 150 years afterwards, James Lind conducted an experiment at sea to find a way of to treat sick sailors. Only one method was definitively above the rest. Nevertheless, it wasn't until 48 years after James Lind's experiment did the British Navy adopt the treatment of citrus for scurvy and provide its sailors with the necessary supplies. Oranges and lemons are simple and cheap solution that greatly increase the value of every expedition but were not considered necessary for almost 200 years after James Lancaster's initial discovery.  So what's the point? Good ideas don't spread on their own.  A white paper is an advocate that helps your organization spread the value of what you offer.

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