I will give diet to lose upto 44 LBS in 24 days

give diet to lose upto 44 LBS in 24 days

About This Gig

I am offering you a crazy, unhealthy Fad diet plan to lose weight when you are desperately wanting to lose weight.. Not recommend for the longterm use, but some cheat here and there is awesome when we are really tired of being fatsos!!

This diet is not like the rest of the diets you see out there. 

Every new dawn of the day, you will get to eat the same food combinations but in unlimited numbers. So for example, say you have a rice with the combination of food one day, that is all you will be eating throughout your day.. so you won't complain you are hungry... cause we all know you are a little piggie and love your food :)

I told you it was crazy, but the little crazy diet works for crazy people that knows what it means to be a yo yo dieter and always the weight fluctuates for us.. :)

To give you and idea, you will be eating pastas, rice, meat, fries.. yep fries, veggies, fruits, yogurt and you will even get to eat some Tart cake :)

I am sorry its not suitable for vegetarians or vegans so please don't buy it if this is your case.

If you like a more "normal" diet, that is more healthy and doctor approved. See "Diet to lose 4kg in 10 Days". Over 100 people use this diet with great success.