I will send DIY Body Detox Wrap to lose inches and cellulite

send DIY Body Detox Wrap to lose inches and cellulite
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About This Gig

I am selling a document in PDF, that i have created, that helps you lose inches, cellulite & fat through my home body wrapping which i still continue to use to maintain my weight.

I am offering you several easy-to-make recipes for making your very own Body Wrap herbal treatment. It only takes several minutes to prepare and most importantly, the ingredients are 100% natural that can be purchased as they are available at any grocery. 

In addition, in this GIG you will receive information to prepare your own herbal cream to help you. You will find some cellulite fighting tips which you will find very helpful.

 I have been using these remedies myself, and I know they can help you alot, and save you so much money. Please take a look at my photos.. yes it is me..& i dont even exercise because i am very lazy. Ok I am not perfect, but managed to drop alot of inches with a combination of a diet & the wraps I am selling. I have always struggled with my weight and this was created by me and no-one else.

Also see my other Diet plan i used to lose a lot of weight (26kg/57lbs)    

I recommend wrap 3x week for 6 wks. For maintenance & detox, wrap x1 monthly

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