I will give you ready solutions for your cloud startup

give you ready solutions for your cloud startup

About This Gig

The price mentioned is just my fee to enter into any assignment. If you are planning for a startup with my idea or yours, I am ready to develop the solutions for you in web and mobile periphery.

We will make a partnership agreement as a technology provider to your firm. This is a good opportunity where you can save cost for the resources for development. This model is even better than any freelancing model as you get it based on what both of us agree. It may be at very low cost or no cost at all if the business model is strong. We enter into a revenue sharing mode.

Order Details

1 day delivery

Consultant Partner

I offer my services as a tech consultant partner for your startup with ready solutions for you

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Whether I have the liberty to use my own brand on all solutions?
    Yes. absolutely because I am just helping you being a partner. I work for your goals.
  • Do you have a partnership agreement ready?
    Yes . I have. Let me know your interest, I can
  • Where Can I Startt?
    If you are interested, let us exchange information and the point you agree with the idea /concept we can start.