I will give you accurate celebrity predictions

give you accurate celebrity predictions

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Here are a list of celebrity predictions that I have made: Kim Kardashian has a very surface level relationship with Kris. She knows she rushed into marriage and had many doubts leading up to the wedding. She still thinks about Reggie. The dynamic of Reggie and Kims relationship was very different and she often thinks of thier breakup with regret. Her and Kris will divorce very soon after marriage. Ashton Kutcher and Demi are getting a divorce. He has had multipule affairs on Demi in the last few years of marraige. Demi falls in love with a new man before Ashton finds love. Khloe and Lamar will not have a child in 2012. She goes to a fertility doctor to concieve. The chemical match of them two make it hard to have a child. Khloe and Lamar are soulmates and carried pastlives together. Dr. Murray will be found guilty in some charges with the Michael Jackson case.

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