I will change a TEXT file

change a TEXT file

About This Gig

I will copy a text file and change the text in each record


The text changes can be to add text, delete text or to rearrange text within each record


The text changes can be described by rules or algorithms or any other simple formula


I already have many intelligent change algorithms


I can rearrange names and addresses


I can ensure that phone numbers are in a format that can be rung


I can format product descriptions


I can change capitals to small letters or vice versa - whole words or just the first letter


I can divide fields up into two or more fields or I can combine them


I can add or delete spaces or asterisks or brackets or anything


I can add or delete records based on your criteria


I can add information based on any rules


I can read records in multiple formats and reformat them or not


I can search text for key words and take appropriate actions


The program will be fully tested using programming test data and any test data provided by you


The estimate is dependent on the specification being complete and accurate before the gig starts


The deliverable is the changed text file and/or a log file of certain records

Order Details

Change a text file

I will change text in your file as requested

3 days delivery 2 Revisions