I will check your Program SPECIFICATIONS

check your Program SPECIFICATIONS

About This Gig

Program specifications can determine the success or otherwise of the whole project


Programming specs should be written by people at arm's length from the people that are coding the program


Program specs should describe the big picture as well as the detailed logic


Program specs should include screen layouts, files, data flows, algorithms, log files, data error tests and error handling


Program specs should include debugging and error testing methodologies


Program specs should include performance targets and sometimes machine resource usage


Program specs standards should be a managed discipline


My report to you will give a detailed  analysis of the program spec


I will make suggestions about what should be changed and how it should be changed


Use me to check your specifications 


Use me to set and enforce program spec standards


Any programming language


One program per Gig

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3 days delivery unlimited Revisions

Check your program specifications

I will check your program specifications against industry standards and report