I will convert a PDF file to Excel

convert a PDF file to Excel

About This Gig

I will convert any PDF file to an Excel file or a CSV file or both.


First of all, I have a program which converts any PDF file to text.  It copies the whole file.


Then I will write a program which will interpret the text file and convert it to a CSV or Excel file.


I will send you the Excel or CSV file - or both if you like


There has to be enough structure in the PDF file so that a programming approach can be used.  We can also do some 'mechanical' changes too provided they are generally applicable. Send me the file and we can soon check this.


You can specify how you want the Excel file to be set up  (not too complex please)


If the PDF file has a password, then you will need to accept the 'Find Password' option.


PDF files are sometimes called Acrobat.

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3 days delivery 2 Revisions

Convert PDF data to Excel

Convert your PDF or Acrobat reports to Excel or CSV files. You can specify your Excel format