I will help you negotiate a CONTRACT

help you negotiate a CONTRACT
help you negotiate a CONTRACT

About This Gig

We will devise a negotiating strategy

We will be fair but we will take a tough line initially

You will tell me which clauses you do not like

We will set your 'bottom line'

We will determine which points are not important to you

We will list their weak points

We will discuss how we take advantage of their weak points

I will check the tone and words of the proposed contract against their marketing promises

We will decide how we can trade concessions

Many contracts are proposed after long processes and negotiations and I bring a new eye, a fresh perspective, an independent view and I have no emotional baggage

My long term view is often useful

I will discuss negotiating all stages including pre-contract, entering the contract, using the contract, contract breaches, ending the contract and post contract

I will help you negotiate any Contract, Agreement, Bond, Pact, Deal, Convention, Treaty, Commitment, Promise, Accord, Covenant, Settlement, Understanding, or Deal

We will work together until the matter is settled - one way or another

I will send you my paper "Warning, Warning, Warning" for free

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Negotiate a Contract

I will help you negotiate any contract to get the best advantage for you

1 day delivery unlimited Revisions