I will improve, enhance, perfect the WORDING

improve, enhance, perfect the WORDING

About This Gig

I will read your brochure, web page, email, letter, advert or any other document, very carefully and slowly


I will read the document out loud to myself


I will make sure your message is clear and appropriate


I will correct the language


I will make sure that the words and phrases are good business English writing


I will delete any unnecessary words or phrases


I will check the document for confidence and enthusiasm and excitement (if appropriate)


I will make sure you ask for the order or the desired action


I will suggest that you are knowledgeable and trustworthy and it is good to do business with you


I will rewrite the document if necessary


I will also copy the document into a computerized word and grammar checker (where possible) to double check


I can almost guarantee you that my comments will make you think more clearly about your marketing AND will improve your reach and response rate


I will send you the corrected document


Order Details

3 days delivery unlimited Revisions

Improve the wording

Improve the wording in any document