I will review your business PROPOSAL

review your business PROPOSAL
review your business PROPOSAL

About This Gig

You may need an independent outside view to check that your proposal is comprehensive, readable, useful and persuasive

I offer you a fresh eye, a new look, a different perspective

We need to identify and emphasize your best selling points

We need to explain how we will manage any possible difficulties

We need to be confident and enthusiastic and charismatic

We need to be clear about our price, and to present our price with pride

We need to ensure we have the 'wow' factor so the Prospect immediately recognizes that ours is the best solution

We need to make sure that the Prospect is comfortable so that they can have confidence in us.  The Prospect needs to be able to boldly present our proposal to his own management

And it is good to have someone independent like me check the wording and the flow and the general formatting

And most of all, we need to have that one page summary at the front, absolutely perfect, so that the Prospect can decide we are the right decision even before he has read the rest of the proposal

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Review your business proposal

Make your business proposal a sales document to get the business

1 day delivery unlimited Revisions