I will improve your draft RFP

improve your draft RFP

About This Gig

The RFP needs to be quite specific about what you want

The RFP presents your Corporation to the world and must convey the marketing message that you want to send

The RFP is primarily a guide for prospective suppliers, but needs to be readable and usable by your people as well

The RFP may define short and long term requirements

The RFP should explain what level of service that you need

The RFP should cover warranties and guarantees and other clauses which will govern what happens if there are delivery or performance issues

The RFP should define the quality of the product that you want, in measurable ways if possible

The RFP should include Management Control over the course of the project - meetings and minutes and target dates

The RFP should refer to your Purchase Order terms and conditions

You may need an independent outside view to check that your RFP is comprehensive, readable, useful and can be answered

I offer you a fresh eye, a new look, a different perspective

My long term view is often interesting and useful

And it is good to have someone independent to check the wording and the flow and the general formatting

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Improve your draft RFP

Make sure your RFP gets you the information that you want in order to make an informed choice

3 days delivery unlimited Revisions