I will write a successful bulk marketing LETTER

write a successful bulk marketing LETTER

About This Gig

I will write you a letter that will command immediate attention and demand action

The first paragraph of the letter must persuade the Prospect to read on

The letter has to paint a picture, list reasons for substantiating your claims and then close hard, demanding action

The wording has to be right, the tone has to be right and the language must be right for your Prospect

The language has to be simple

The proposal in the letter has to be easily understood

The letter format should be a) readable and b) exciting

The letter must exude trustworthiness

The letter should be as personal as possible

The letter must be enthusiastic and confident

The letter must say what the Prospect must now do to accept

The length of the letter is important - some letters should be one page and some letters should be pages long

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Write a bulk letter

Write a bulk letter to make sales

3 days delivery unlimited Revisions