I will test your website for elements that need improving

test your website for elements that need improving

About This Gig

Hello, welcome to the crazy world of ARLCode. For some fortunate reason you have stumbled upon Adam Lewis’s programming portfolio. I am a student that is constantly pushing myself to exceed client/employer expectations. My work experience strictly revolves around all things web development and some programming. While my school is primarily video game programming and programming development.

I have been in the field for about 4 years now and I'm expected to graduate with my Bachelors of Computer Science towards the end of this year.

Product Description:
I will inspect your website and offer various items that may need improving. I'm a very honest individual and will be very blunt with what is considered to be industry standard. On top of quality inspection I will be willing to assist in some error correcting.

This product in particular is specific to inspection and quality testing.

Order Details

2 days delivery UNLIMITED Revisions