I will answer 5 questions about cannabis

answer 5 questions about cannabis

About This Gig

I will help you cover your doubts about the beautiful process of growing cannabis. Achieve your goals, save time, save money and gain knowledge.

Things you might want to know about:

-Variety and strain selection/information
-Vegan stage growing techniques:
    ->sea of green
    ->screen of green

-Medium growing techniques
    ->different pot mediums

-Indoor setup design
    ->right space for the right objective
    ->closet and space usage
    ->proportion area equipment
    ->ventilation requirements
    ->light systems
    ->odor controll
    ->relation area, technique, strain and pot grid
    ->light efficiency
    ->electric efficiency
    ->parameter control(foto period, co2, humidity, temperature)
    ->feminizing seeds

-Nutrition cycles

-Drying, curing and storing

-Different extraction processes

-Build it yourself instructions

-Product lists based on budget

Happy plants everyone!

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