I will add a sound Alert to your Binary options indicator

add a sound Alert to your Binary options indicator

About This Gig

I will add sound alert to your meta-trader 4 costume indicator, the indicator will make an alert sound when a signal is generated, with a pop up window showing the following information:
  • The type of signal that was generated (BUY or SELL)
  • The currency pair 
  • The PRICE level where the signal was generated
  • And the time frame that the signal was generated on 

The alert works on any type of indicator, like arrow indicators, Line-crossing indicators, ETC

This gig will improve your trading strategy, because one of the many reasons why we keep losing in trading is "late entries" but with a sound notification on your indicator you will be notified instantly whenever a signal is generated.

It will help you in making timely entries and avoid missing profitable trade setup.


This Gig is for sound Alert only, you can check out my other Gigs for other  types of alert like E-mail Alert and Push- notification Alert.

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