I will be a Crazy Bed Bug bugging whatever you want

awesome, thank you!
Reviewed by seanstrickler 6 months ago
Delivery quickly and exactly as I wanted! Highly recommended. Thank you
Reviewed by rotundx1 11 months ago
Fast, Funny and ....and I think this man is actually nuts! ;)
Reviewed by macdaddy3 about 1 year ago
Reviewed by jaredhendricks about 1 year ago
excellent video, fast delivery
Reviewed by nerdbombpromo over 1 year ago
This was great!! What a fun touch!!
Reviewed by mccroryj over 1 year ago
Outstanding Performance . Super GIG. Love to hire again
Reviewed by zangro over 1 year ago
ADORABLE!!! You are so creative :) Thank you!
Reviewed by sfaktor over 1 year ago
excellent experience, great product.
Reviewed by binkybink almost 2 years ago
Reviewed by piercelilholt almost 2 years ago
This was just plain awesome!!!!!!
Reviewed by dhundycz almost 3 years ago
Coreworkouts you are a master. Thank for your great work!
Reviewed by eduardohb almost 3 years ago
great thanks
Reviewed by adrianharp almost 3 years ago
Reviewed by kilterman about 3 years ago
Awesome! Great Seller
Reviewed by printingworld about 3 years ago
Thanks Mr. Bedbug
Reviewed by rahihamza about 3 years ago
Good stuff!!
Reviewed by oneeleven111 over 3 years ago
great good!!! amazing
Reviewed by marcelpu over 3 years ago
Amazing, you must have so much fun making these great work! Keep me posted on any other gigs you can do I would love to work with you again.
Reviewed by which08 over 3 years ago
Great Job! Hysterical. Exactly what I wanted!
Reviewed by kckarizona over 3 years ago
be a Crazy Bed Bug bugging whatever you want
be a Crazy Bed Bug bugging whatever you want
be a Crazy Bed Bug bugging whatever you want
BedBug seanstrickler
BedBug rotundx1
BedBug macdaddy3
BedBug jaredhendricks
BedBug nredbombpromo
BedBug mccroryj
BedBug zangro
BedBug sfaktor
BedBug binkybink

About This Gig

As a Crazy Fun Bed Bug I will advertise, encourage, complain, endorse, rant, etc. something, 'Buy Buy Buy' 'Click The Link' 'Do Your Homework' 'Cheer Up' 'Marry Brian' etc. what ever you can imagine (No Adult/xxx). I will start with 'I am a Bed Bug I'm here to Bug you' (unless you state for me to do otherwise eg Do Not Begin with "I am a Bed Bug...." Begin with "..") then your words, 40 words = 1 gig, 41-80 words = 2 gigs, etc.