About This Gig

You get a video of your Magical Leprechaun sending your message to the world, co-worker or to a friend. As a leprechaun I'm an expert on Magic, Money, Gold, Good Luck, Love, Fun well practically anything as I've been around for 100's of years and seen it all. 40 words a gig, so more than 40 words just divide your word count by 40 and that's how many times to order the gig. (No Adult/xxx). You can also change the background, send me one of your own or just have it with the green screen background for your own editing.  Clearly send me the script like this
SCRIPT: "Here is the script that I say (in brackets is any stage directions I do not say) and then this is script again". SCRIPT END 
Many Gig Extras: Add text, HD, Script Writing or Modification, Rush, check out the list.

Special Packages Coming SOON

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