I will be your Male Lady Bug

Ha! Perfect. Couldn't have asked for better. :)
Reviewed by amtrekker 6 months ago
Great work! Thanks
Reviewed by doctorquest2 9 months ago
Excellent Work!
Reviewed by ludlamdramatics over 1 year ago
be your Male Lady Bug
be your Male Lady Bug
be your Male Lady Bug
be your Male Lady Bug
LadyBug amtrekker
LadyBug doctorquest2
LadyBug LudlamDramatics

About This Gig

As your personal Lady Bug I talk about your ANYTHING, in what ever emotional state you chose. A message about your Product, Business, Friend, Announcement or Funny Greeting. (No xxx, or extreme profanity, any doubts about your script message me first). Scripted 40 words = 1 gig $5. YES 41-80 words = 2 gigs ($10 etc). Do a word count then divide by 40 then round up to a whole number and that's how many gigs to buy.
If your not sure what to say I can create the script for extra 4 gigs ($20), or just modify your script to fit Lady Bug character for extra 2 gigs ($10) If English is not your 1st language also use this gig extra "Script Modification" to make your script more fluid and correct language. 
Just add these gig extras to order when you purchase. Also check out all the other options as gig extras available HD, TEXT, LOGO etc. Make sure you double check your order before you order, any words that need to be said correctly (places, peoples names etc) spell out phonetically (fo net tic cal lee) in brackets after the word or send me a sound recording of it, otherwise you get it how I think it is said.
Give me clear understanding of what is the "SCRIPT" If adding "TEXT" **Check It**

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Special Packages Coming SOON

Special Packages Coming SOON

29 days delivery