I will align your Consciousness with Financial Prosperity

align your Consciousness with Financial Prosperity

About This Gig

I have a very powerful gift where I can access and direct the Superconscious Mind through which we are all connected.  With nearly 25 years of spiritual study and practice, I have developed the very unique gift of being able to align the consciousness of others by commanding consciousness on their behalf.  I use a form of affirmative prayer and I can do this in person, over the phone and with my recorded voice.

There is nothing you need to do, no homework, no practices.  All you need to do is listen intently to my words and say "yes" to yourself as you listen.  This simple act of saying yes will allow consciousness to act for you, on your behalf to make the changes necessary so that you can experience positive changes in your life as a result of this consciousness alignment.

In this gig, I will send you a Consciousness Alignment recording that you can listen to again and again to align your consciousness with Financial Well being and Abundance.  You can listen to this recording again and again and each time you will experience a new level of financial freedom.

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