I will offer a special menu for a special occasion

offer a special menu for a special occasion
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About This Gig

Are you going to celebrate a birthday soon, but no idea about what to cook for the party?
Oh, are you thinking just to order a pizza?
Save money instead, and have fun in cooking and baking by yourself, surprizing your family and friends with a special and tasty menu!
I'll shape the perfect meal you need, just let me know what you don't really like/don't want in the menu.
I'll prepare a general menu,with different courses, then specifing recipies and all the suggestions you might need, including dishes' presentation advice.
Here are different kinds of menu I may set out, according to the occasion:
-Ham and cheese puff pastry bites
-Homemade pizza Margherita (tom.sauce, mozzarella, oregano +  Alle patate: mozzarella, sausage, patate)
-Nutella Crepes/Pancakes
- Cake
                        DINNER WITH FAMILY and RELATIVES
-Savoury muffins (green olives, ham and cheese)
- Mini spinach breadsticks
             First course
- Zucchini Gnocchi with Scamorza cheese and mushrooms
             Second course
- Frittata with sausage, onions and black pepper
- Fried eggplants
- Tiramisù or Crostata with custard and pinapple

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