I will set out your personal diet plan

set out your personal diet plan
set out your personal diet plan

About This Gig

Interested since always in Nutrition and Diet plans (I'm on diet since I was 12!), lot of experience gained through study (biology, human body)and courses and university lessons about Nutrition sciences, group lessons led by nutritionists.
I also attended a 3 month course at the Medical University, about Eating disorders: bulimia and anorexia, examinating psychologically causes and consequences of these behaviors.
I learned how to persnalize diet plan according to your level of physical activity, your body structure, but more important, your tastes! What's the food you love? According to your food habits I'll set out the perfect diet for you, in order to let you lose the weight you want to, but safely.
I assure you good results, just allow your body to get used to a different lifestyle, the huge weight loss has usually a dark side, is to say the obvious re-gain of lost weight.
Upon request, I'll give you some extra recipes, to vary and not be stuck with the same menu, getting you tired of that and giving up your diet and good intentions.
Diet plan are set for a length of 2 weeks, everyday meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner, 2 snacks.
Service available in both English, Italian, Spanish.

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