I will migrate your email from server to server

migrate your email from server to server

About This Gig

Your e-mail is most precious and needs to stay complete and intact. For some it's even the foundation of the company

Are you migrating your e-mail from 1 host to another, because the old host can not accommodate your needs anymore, or because you are moving to another provider? Then this is the Gig to go with.

This Gig will provide IMAP to IMAP transfer of your e-mail. So everything you have on your current IMAP server, will be moved to the new one. Simple as that.

Please contact me first if you have multiple mailboxes, big mailboxes (>1 GB) or if you are migrating from or to Gmail, Google Apps, Hotmail, Yahoo, Office 365 or any free e-mail provider. I will be able to give you a custom offer to match your needs and give you a good price. 

If you are not sure if this is the right Gig. I'm happy to give you a free consult for your e-mail migration.

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