I will be Your Virtual CFO

be Your Virtual CFO

About This Gig

As your Virtual CFO, we assist companies in a wide range of capacities, including strategic business planning, assistance with finance arrangements, and board representation just like a chief financial officer does for large organizations.  It is our broad scope of experience combined with a "roll up your sleeves" approach to tackling day-to-day challenges that make us an invaluable asset to the smaller business.  Whether it is banking arrangements, investor relations, legal liaison, insurance negotiations, human resources, or as representative of a board of directors, your Virtual CFO will strengthen your management team.

We can provide all of your accounting needs from bookkeeping, payroll, tax, cash management, budgets, and strategic planning at half the cost of hiring an outside accounting firm or full internal accounting department. We can create a unique package for each business owner to get you the services that you need without paying for services you will not use.

As a result of working with us, clients increase their cash flow and profitability.   Let us take care of the number crunching while you get back to business.    

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