I will prepare your Offer in Compromise

prepare your Offer in Compromise

About This Gig

                   You Owe the IRS Back Taxes, Interest and Penalties and Can’t Possibly Pay It?

You can think about making an offer to the IRS to settle your back tax bill for a single payment you could afford, even if that amount is much lower than your total IRS debt – if you can make a well-supported case that:

  1. You don’t really owe the tax in the first place; or,
  2. There is little chance that you could pay the total tax bill (after you pay reasonable living expenses); or,
  3. If the IRS DID collect the total tax bill from you, it would be an economic hardship for you, or would be unfair under your circumstances.

Don't end up being in the 75% of offers that the IRS rejects and then you will certainly end up paying more than you needed to.

Don’t battle the IRS alone or needlessly suffer another day of demands, threats, pressure, and stress from IRS Collections. We know how to deal with the IRS and will work directly with them on your behalf.  Let me help you with an Offer in Compromise today. 

I encourage you to contact me before placing an order so we can work together to design a project that meets your specifications.  The FIVERR GIG is for the initial discussion; not the OIC!