I will hashtag Instagram event photo feed for $5

/ 2 Days On Average
hashtag Instagram event photo feed
hashtag Instagram event photo feed

About This Gig

Let us help you crowdsource  your event photos (weddings, parties, etc).  These days most attendees and guests will have smart phones and they will use those phones to take photos!  

Many of them will post those photos to Insta.gram!  Well, our gig will allow you to capture all photos taken during your event that have been captioned with your specified hashtag (ex. #mikesparty).

That's right, we will deliver a Dropbox link that has every candid photo taken that evening.  All you have to do is encourage your guests to use your specified #hashtag and leave the rest up to us! 

This gig is $5 for 1 hour.  If you'd like more hours then add more gigs, (2 gigs = 2 hours; 3 gigs = 3 hours; etc... you get the picture).  

To Hashtag:
  • (a) Take a photo/video (optional: choose a filter)
  • (b) On the screen you see after choosing a filter, type your #hashtag in the Caption field (example: #mikesparty)
  • (c) If you want to tag a post you've already uploaded, just include your #hashtag in a comment on your photo

It's that simple.... The more guests are aware that they should use Instagram and to hashtag, the more photos you will receive.