I will analog master your music

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analog master your music
analog master your music
analog master your music
analog master your music

About This Gig

Hello, and thanks for check out my gig!


(!) Please message before ordering and provide a sample / demo of your track!

(!) Until order completion, files are not available to download, but only for listening through your browser!


I'm currently restructuring my Fiverr gigs. Be back shortly!

Order Details

Stereo Master

Quality processing at a killer price!

  • 1 Song
  • Mastering
  • HQ Audio File
  • Analog Gear
2 days delivery 2 Revisions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What audio file(s) types are necessary?
    .WAV files are preferred but .AIFF is cool too. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • What sample rate and bit rate should my audio be?
    44.1kHz and higher with 24-bits preferred, but 16-bits is okay as long as your music isn't particularly quiet. Message me if you need help exporting or bouncing stems!
  • Do you accept DAW sessions?
    Unfortunately, no. It slows down the process quite a bit compared to simply importing audio. Dealing with audio only helps me get your track back to you ASAP!
  • Should I have FX I want on the stems?
    Only if they are an absolutely integral part of that stem, otherwise please keep them squeaky clean and print FX to a stem!
  • Can I send you an MP3 for a stem / file?
    If that's the only thing you have, yes, but otherwise please use the highest quality original source available to you. But! Do not try to increase the quality of files- that will actually sound worse!